The Alken investment philosophy is built on three key tenets:

Seek out companies that are undervalued

We believe we can consistently add value by identifying companies that are selling at a discount of more than 30% relative to their intrinsic value.

Look for high profitability and growth potential

We invest in companies that have both high, or growing, return on capital employed and sales growth potential.

Management with a good track record, humble, focused and motivated

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  • Alken Asset Management was established in 2005 out of loyal investors’ trust in Nicolas Walewski’s proven ability to consistently outperform the European Equity Market.

  • We acknowledge that alpha creation requires differentiating ourselves from the crowd but we remain risk aware.  

  • Over time we have grown the firm and the product range to better suit our clients' needs; client satisfaction remains at the core of every step we make:

  • In 2018, Alken AM started managing two new fixed income funds, run by PM Antony Vallee.

  • In 2020, Alken AM enhanced its ESG strategy. Three strategies were granted the ESG LuxFLAG Label in October. 



We believe in a concentrated portfolio based on best ideas.
Recognised for our intensive fundamental research expertise.

Let profits run and cut losses early.
Keep focused on returns.


Bottom-up, high conviction stock pickers. 
Pragmatic approach: “Know what you own”.

ESG screening of companies for a number of our strategies.
ESG scoring of a selection of our portfolios.



European Equities

Build information advantage

Understand business relationship

Make decisions on facts

Follow evolution of profitability

Image by Tamas Tuzes-Katai

Global Fixed Income

Genuine bottom-up

Seeking for attractive security

Valuation in absolute and in relative

Best ideas and active management 

If you want info about our strategies, please visit AFFM website