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Alken Asset Management

How it began

Who we are

Alken was established in 2005 as an independently owned firm, starting as an European Equity specialist boutique. 


The core principle behind our investment philosophy has been to maximise the long-term shareholders’ return consistently. 


In 2017, Alken decided to start a quantitative business with the launch of Cabestan Quant Research. After four years of in-depth research, the first strategy was launched in March 2021. 


In 2018, Alken expanded into fixed-income and announced the appointment of a seasoned team with a broad expertise in the asset class. Two strategies were launched in the same year.

Our objective was to build a diversified product portfolio offering which aims at addressing different investors' risk profiles.

In 2023, Alken took a step further in its strategic development as a firm by entering the private debt space with the hire of an experienced team of alternative credit specialists.



What we believe in

Pursuing a high conviction, concentrated and pragmatic investment approach. 


Aiming at having a robust, flexible and replicable investment process focused on identifying critical drivers of long-term performance.


Having an extensive expertise in their area of responsibility with each team being fully independent


Making investment decisions according to the risk profile of the team’s strategies.


Considering environmental, social and governance factors as an integral part of our investment process.

Discover Our Expertise

Our Services


European Equites

Genuine active management


Investment decisions driven by facts


Active engagement to assess the business from an entrepreneurial approach


ESG factors fully integrated 


Global Fixed Income

Genuine bottom-up investment approach with an ESG focus

Expertise across a range of fixed

income asset types

Target optimal balance between risk

and return

Strong and proven track record



Pure quantitative approach

Strong culture of rigorous research


Seeking to achieve attractive risk adjusted return profile


Low correlation to traditional asset classes


Private Debt

Senior and collateralised loans investment

Strong focus on capital preservation

European diversification

Low correlation to traditional asset class

Low volatility, stable return

If you want more information about our strategies, please visit AFFM website

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