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“Who Cares Wins”

Over the past few years, Alken witnessed and welcomed the growing trend of ESG issues being deeply intertwined with business and financial ones. Believer of the new mantra “Who Cares Wins”, Alken sees the integration of ESG factors within the business’ DNA as a catalyst for forward-looking solutions.
From the management’s investment decisions to its relationship with key stakeholders, ESG issues are now incorporated in every aspects of an institutional investor’s core business culture and are on their way to becoming part of investors’ fiduciary duties.


Despite the soar increase of ESG criteria to assess companies’ performance across nonfinancial factors, ALKEN likes to carefully use ESG-rating methodologies and avoid relying on a simple final score for investment decisions.
If some criteria, such as carbon emissions, can be objectively measured, a number of other ESG factors trigger a rather subjective analysis, often generating different ESG scores across the same companies.

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Alken doesn’t want to dilute what ESG means nor include ESG just as a marketing tool. If we are a believer that overall, firms with good performance on material sustainability issues will outperform firms with poor performance on those issues, we also came to recognise that the robustness of ESG’s definition can sometimes be questioned. We therefore like to implement what we believe constitutes a sustainable investment which will be capable of adding value in the medium and in the long-term.




Alken Commitments


We have been a UNPRI signatory since 2013 and we support the TCFD since March 2020.

Alken has a long-term investment approach which seeks to guarantee that the growth of companies is compatible with a more sustainable global economy.


The role of asset owners in financing the transition


The OECD estimates that, globally, EUR 6.35 trillion a year will be required to meet the Paris Agreement goals by 2030.

As public-sector resources will not be sufficient to meet this challenge, the mobilisation of institutional and private capital is fundamental.


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